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Drinking, Smoking and Playing Cards
Drop the bad habits and strengthen the spirit in the body.


Flaw or punishment?

Every person have “him own something” that momentary in time cross life, but anyhow couldn’t and so easily to get out from it.

This is calling habit.

These actions not all the time is demonstrates in the best way, more than that, they could inflict to an irreparable damage. But, anyway for some reason we can’t simply to discard them. Even, if we want it so much.

In this case we have deal with strength of will, and it will resist to our desires or perhaps to our habits.

Does we need to speak about habits, recounting them, when everybody will agreed with that fact that each of us a reach on them own habits and will identify something special on him way.

And this “something” easily could mess up not only our life, but and our inner emotional relations with yourself.

Yeah, exactly, too often we are looking for enemies in others, but just sometime are forgetting to look round and to seen them directly in ourselves.

Our habits are become to us as our main and directly enemies and we should to fight with them and to eradicate them.

Because some of them, adversely affect not only on our health, but and violate to our holistic balance and internal equilibrium, not even talking about soul state that suffers in other occasions most of all. But unfortunately we recognize it too rare and as usual so late.

Anyway, none of rational explanations does not help to us in becoming and finding our “I”, when our “passions” regain the upper hand over us.

Will it be passion to the smoking, or dependence of the web world, banal habit to bite nails…  Quite appropriate also will be and mention of the passion of a sexual nature, more than that, not all the time that meant the pair, but as usual c for only one.

We can recount and repeat them, but there is no matter them secondary importance and primacy, because in fact they are all equal to the force when depend of time and occasion, we are again and again became enslaved by them.

As would be unfortunate, it was not, but in most cases no small trick on us can play the same movie or a book, routine and to nothing forcing us a conversations. In this case, where then action is taken, the results of which we are not always happy, but have to give up it so easily, we cannot?

Yeah, there is true “forbidden fruit is sweat” and it attract us by the suspense and foretaste of new knowledge’s and feelings about which sometime better and to don’t know ever.

After all, if we only known how strongly will be our harm about that “sweet mystery”, which we so hard trying to get know, then and hadn’t look on that side at all, not even to mention the fact to try it once on yourself.

People says that to smoke is cool, showing that dirty speaking is fun and on web sometime you will see such a nasty stuff that will make you to blush, but all is saying around that and this also good, and calls it “strawberry”.

Actually in our days we don’t have go too far. There is enough to go to some book shop and somewhere close with child alphabet on the shelf we will find and fame “50 shades of grey”, which despite on them rate could buy each person since them 10 years old.

Knowledge of our century is really massive but and presenting to us abilities bigger twice and “reach imagination” will do the rest.

But is it worst of it?

And what consequences will this fraught?

There is no except, people of previous centuries were also not without sin, but they hadn’t such a large massive of information (and often just not needed information) that flooded them and that one that they couldn’t to absorbed even physically.

Other way, it could be understood also by words “to less you know to better you will sleep”.

Undoubtedly, it has some true and not less sense. In order not to fall as “victim” of the next passion among the many others of which everyone will find something to him own “taste”, we need not only filter the information of our days, but and be able to analyze it, allow to itself only that we think are worst us and our attention and block all these “and what if” and “but maybe if I”…