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Few days ago, so is happens that I get sick.

Yes, autumn is started and beyond it also has started and cold, flu 😦 That and felled me so easily and quickly. Autumn is the time when days as usual marks by day off at work and…Ok, by large time for reading (when you sick).                               

So, book that was bought by me last month “The secret dreamworld of Shopaholic” by Sophie Kinsella, was as for me a very handy in that time. Honestly one day earlier, I’ve read one more book, calling “Just together” by Hannah Gavalda, but let me not confuse all these event between each other as well as heroes too and tell about everything in course.


Rebecca Bloomwood, are modern and style contemporary woman, also a protagonist of story. As well there storytelling is too coming from first person that give to us a great chance to delve in her internal world.

Easy and partly comic, but of it not less interesting is representing story of live one young woman. Woman of twenty five years, woman that live in “capital of capitals” city London, and finally woman that is so passionate about shopping almost every second day. It can be anything, but at least something as a need,  just some next fully stuff or major, brand (and only!) thing.

Working as a finance analyst, seems like she should to know everything about finance as well as money too, but everything not so easily like seems on first glance. She is generous to giving advices about how to correct dispose of own finance capital, but only she is see shop she can’t go away and surely she come, again, and then she is easily lose her state of mind and all her far arguments are melting in the haze already so clearly clarify new world that calling “SHOP”.

This is a world of clothes and lightness, perfect shop windows, cash boxes, Visas, vivid colours, special odour and sounds. It’s her world, she is not only live on it, but and fully living by it. Only there she is feeling her own demand, only there life for her seems so happily and sweet, but all it disappeared in one time when she is going out of shop.

Also she have one little problem, she at all don’t have money, but a lot of credits, as well as credits cards too. And all they strongly saying about one, their limit exceeds any limitations.

Rebecca faced with numerous problems as well she sees them for herself and trying to resolve them. But so or otherwise she is coming to one quite, she has to spend less money or start to earn more. She isn’t good in first. Honestly with second too. Confrontation with herself, trying to understand and find her own way accompany her during all storytelling on the end of which genuine is finding original and obsession is heals by self-control.

What is especially I liked in heroine Rebecca Bloomwood, it’s her skill to out of any situation by human that never lost her “I’m”. And these situations I want to approve were a lot. Just lively and funny, but by time and silly and at all absurd situations, but mostly that awareness how she is perceive them, help to her all the time finally stayed that someone whom she is was, and she was Rebecca Bloomwood!

I think with me will agree girls by saying that at least sometime so wants to be that girl by name Rebecca, which awareness all so easily and carefree, unusual and just optimistically, even when you have no idea how to find solution of some situations, some like coming to job an interview for finish company, herewith don’t knowing finish, you just make so carefree face like “What? Yes…I’ve wrote on my CV that I know 3 languages…But it’s only CV…and everyone perfectly knows that people are writing all this stuff here….”

Have a nice reading to everyone 🙂