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Hello folks,

Finally I write my next post.

Ohh I feel my guilt about my long absent here. Less and less time I started to spend on writing posts.

Maybe sometime I just don’t have what to say and who is care about empty words or it’s my fault and I really have to spend more time for my blog.

Well, time will say, but know I want to write about few books which I found out quite recently, and which I very want to read in further future.

Does someone already read them, and could say something about them?

I will be glad to hear your opinion so far and it will be interesting to me know what you think about one of this books.

And here is list of books that I interesting in:

1) Susan MinotEvening“,

2) Ayn RandThe Fountainhead“,

3) Sern Kierkegaard “Illness to death”.

Soon my next post…:)