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Sunshine and a pretty frosty winter day.

Time when you prefer to stay at home instead to go somewhere on the street and read some interesting book or look some film.

What about film, yesterday I’ve seen new episode “House M.D.”

It’s already gone a lot of time, when I seen it last time, but finally I was glad to see the new episode.

Lying and true which we not all the time want to hear, humor and pain, people and feelings, life and gorgeous Gregory House, all what we can see in this TV-show, and it’s really cost to time which you will spend to watching it.

But, what about I.

Oh, yea, of course, Books 🙂

And my next book which I started to read today after an amazing story Suzanne Collin it’s, – Stephany Mayer and her “The Host”.

I’ve read Mayer’s saga “Twilight”, so now I going to read her next book.

I think it will be interesting, like and “Twilight”

P.S. Despite the fact that I don’t like vampires, but I’ve seen all films and read all books.

It was nice, romance story about true love.

I think everyone hope to feel in this life at least something similar)