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Sometimes it’s even good to look a news))) So, in one usual work days, from TV news, I heard about a completely unknown to me at the time project, which was called Postcrossing.
Immediately, I went to the computer, and led to Google’s search field the word “Postcrossing,” and moment Google gave me the result.
Despite the fact that the system was English, it was not big deal to create an account in the system.
So what is this Postcrossing, just infatuation or integral attribute daily life?
Both, one way or another, I no longer imagine my life without the Postcrossing.
In what the sence and the meaning of the system.
I think many of you already know about this system, and many are already its members.
And yet, I’ll say a few words of it.
Postcrosing – a unique opportunity to exchange by postcards with people from all over the world.
Each card is unique and not repeatable. this activity will be enjoyed not only collectors, but also to connoisseurs and lovers of this simple at first glance hobbies.
As evidenced by places without age limits and sweep any restrictions between people who are linked by one common passion, and its Postcrosing.
For anyone who has found himself in this hobby, and those who have yet to discover this amazing world of postcards.